About Us

our story

The inspiration behind this unique project lies in the love and appreciation of the wonders that G-d has bestowed within mother earth, the ability in particular to form, develop and grow from nothing to something special.

My experience in crystals and their magic spans over 3 decades- experiencing over and over again the powerful positive energies they have on individuals and their environments.
Our love of crystals facilitated the joining of 2 vital aspects of our world:
1) working, creating and sharing crystal lore
2) incorporating it within the realms of our religion – to compliment and bring harmony to our monotheistic beliefs.

In Jewish religion, light and protection are embodied by Shabbat candles and the mezuzah respectively- 2 very important tools to have in a home. Both objects lend themselves naturally to powerful positive energies and easily align with the positive influences that crystals can exude.
The glues and resins that are used are carefully chosen in order to avoid any interference with the crystal energies while at the same time also protecting the sacred mezuzah scrolls within. The crystals themselves are selected, cleaned and set with care, love and we hope, a transcendent tranquility.

The range and selection of crystals are based on 3 elements:
1) each crystals distinct healing properties.
2) each crystals colour and by extension, the specific body parts they represent
3) each crystals intrinsic and extrinsic beauty.